Silicone Coating Technologies


Rossella S.r.l. can silicone coat and/or print on a large variety of papers, plastic films and special materials. Thanks to the high technology level together with specialized personnel, Rossella S.r.l. guarantees the unconditioned quality of its products, in order to satisfy customer’s specific demand solving the most different needs with a high reliability level.


Rossella S.r.l. is in the market of siliconised supports since more than 50 years. The great experience in the release liner market, together with a high flexibility level and a constant attention to the quality, offers to customers solutions studied for each specific need.

Plastic Films

Rossella S.r.l. boasts great experience in the silicone coated films production: thanks to the silicone coating machine equipped with the U.V. curing system, in 2016 the company produced more than 70 MIO sqm of silicone coated films, in reels with widths from 15 mm to 2220 mm.
PELD, PEHD, PET, BOPP, MOPP are the supports more requested.

Special materials

Material Thickness / Weight
Aluminum From 50 µ
Non-woven From 30 gr.
Thermal Paper From 60 gr.
Baking Paper From 40 gr.

Rossella S.r.l. works on the market of siliconised supports since 1963, dealing with a wide range of papers, plastic films and special materials. The silicone coating is the result of an accurate research utilizing the newest technology.

The technical and operating know-how of Rossella products allows to satisfy costumer’s specific demand solving the most different needs with a high reliability level. Labels, tapes, graphic art, medical, hygiene, industrial, composite and automotive are the main sectors where Rossella products are applied.

The two plants situated in Caronno Pertusella and Rescaldina cover an area of about 18,000 square meters. Through 4 silicone coaters, 2 printing lines and 4 slitters, Rossella S.r.l. produces, every year, about 300 millions square meters of material, sold in five continents through a network of 25 agents.

The quality and the service are the main objectives that Rag.Varlonga, managing director of Rossella S.r.l., has indicated as essential for the identity and the future of the company, and thanks to the constant dedication in achieving these goals the company has succeeded to pursue a steady growth in recent years.


tapes labels constructions medical envelopes hygiene industrial

Last news

We are so happy to share with you our new investment, the new coating line S5: the state-of-the-art in the silicone coating.

With this new machinery, that is in addition to the 3 lines already existing, we will increase our productive capacity and our range of products, in order to become a global manufacturer of release liners.

If you want to see how the silicone coater has been built and discover the features, click here. 


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